Ordinary Guy, Extraordinary Marriage.
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My name is Terry Bachynski...
     ...and I am an ordinary guy with an extraordinary marriage.

I like sports. I like watching them. I like playing them. I like pretending I am better at them than I really am. I like to Monday morning quarterback the entire weekend of sports competitions with brilliant analysis of what I would have done on that play, who I would have put into the game at that critical moment, what play I would have run in the last minute of the game, or the right golf shot I would have played to win the championship. I hate asking for directions. I can putz around in the garage all day. I can feel real proud of how sharp I can get the lawn mower blade; but, I donít like cutting the lawn. I like to read the paper on Saturday morning, uninterrupted. I like action movies and I actually like a good romantic comedy, but I donít always like admitting that. I work hard at my business and try to provide a good life for my family. Iíve got a few hobbies that I enjoy when I have the time. I like nachos with all the trimmings and now, with the passage of time, I find I am telling more and more stories about victories of the past. When I try to pretend I am still young, I pull a lot more muscles. I can never find anything. I am just an ordinary guy.

I have been married to Laura for over 25 years. We have four wonderful young adult children all of whom are just beginning to spread their wings and define their own lives. It has all been very exciting.

I have spent my adult life in various professional pursuits and I have always held the dream to help others build strong, loving marriages.† At long last, I am getting to it and I am working every day to realize this dream.†

Marriage has been the single most phenomenal, joyous, wonderful, impactful experience of my life. It continues to be so. Being married to Laura has given me every joy. I think it is great. I think marriage, as a relationship between two people, is the most profound way anyone can choose to spend their life. And, I think getting it right is very important. Not only that, by getting it right, there is no end to the pleasures that life can provide for the lucky couple who find each other and discover in their sharing what true marriage means. It is just the coolest thing ever.

Many men have approached me over the years with this question. ďHow can I improve my marriage?Ē I have been encouraged to share my experiences and ideas about caring for your marriage with a broader audience.

Now, I am acting on something that has constantly presented itself to me over the years. I am trying to help others with their marriages. There is no other agenda. I simply want to share with as many people as possible what I believe is important to a successful marriage and, where possible, provide insight for others to hopefully improve their marriages.

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